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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Sabaton
  • 2019-10-18
  • Untitled
  • Union Hall
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Edmonton
  • AB
  • Canada
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2019-11-25 06:42:11
  • Twisted Acoustics presents... Band name: Sabaton Date: 18 October, 2019 Venue/location: Union Hall, Edmonton, AB, Canada Tour name: The Great Tour Recording type: Audience Taper(s): ExVee Photography: xx Artwork: xx Media: Lossless Source information: Digital Masters Source 1: PA > SP-TFB-2 > Tascam DR-07 > iZotope RX7 > Reaper > You Generation: Master Total running time: 1:25:45 Track listing: 01. Ghost Division 02. Great War 03. Resist and Bite 04. Fields of Verdun 05. The Attack of the Dead Men 06. The Red Baron 07. The Price of a Mile 08. Bismarck 09. The Lion from the North 10. Carolus Rex 11. Shiroyama 12. Night Witches 13. The Lost Battalion 14. The Last Stand 15. 82nd All The Way 16. Primo Victoria 17. Swedish Pagans 18. To Hell and Back Notes and comments: Lineup: Hammerfall, Sabaton The band: Joakim Brodén – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards Pär Sundström – bass, backing vocals Chris Rörland – guitars, backing vocals Hannes van Dahl – drums, backing vocals Tommy Johansson – guitars, backing vocals Sabaton! This was.. An INTERESTING show! Especially since my dumbass forgot my iQ5, that panic aside, not to mention I've never seen the line for Union this long before, it took a while to get inside, so Hammerfall's set time was actually pushed back a bit simply because of how many people were still outside. But, for these shows, I used a different setup, and new mics! These TFB mics are actually really nice, put ear plugs in, then mics sit nicely by the earplugs, and then a small hat over my ears so the mics don't go anywhere, then just enjoying the show! And honestly, this it easily the best recording I've ever gotten in Union Hall, even if I had to deal with the moshers crashing into me basically the whole time. You can't really tell in the recording, at least. For the editing, I did.. Probably way too much in terms of the audience cheers, there were some cheers and one scream that was literally ear destroying. I also did a little EQ, since.. I don't know if it's my mics or the Tascam itself, but there's a natural sort of dip in the recording near the top end before it comes back, so I did some work on that, and made that a little smoother of a straight smooth transition. On top of that, it just naturally sort of helped the sound, sounds better than it would have otherwise. Support Sabaton: We would like to include a heartfelt thank you to the people over at Setlist.FM for constantly doing their best to update and accurately post setlists from every show possible. Everyone makes mistakes (and they're known for it) but they have helped us immensely in writing up track listings for our shows, and lots of the information found accompanying our shows is thanks to them. Whether we have used Setlist.FM to collect information for this particular show or not, they deserve so many thanks for all the help they have given us in the past. Finally, the confusion in regards to the legality of recording concerts is due to those dishonorable individuals who sell them. We do not condone selling freely-shared live music, and blame those who sell concerts for the lack of people recording and sharing content. Let it also be noted that any who sell this recording deserve nothing more than to have their own collection confiscated and shared freely with the masses. Please only degrade audio quality for personal use. Also, we ask that you keep this info file intact. Not one shall gain profit off this recording. Mastered by ExVee on 22 October, 2019 Enjoy this Twisted Acoustics release!