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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2    -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Roger Waters
  • 2006-09-23
  • The Battle of Bristow
  • Nissan Pavillion
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Bristow
  • VA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Multiple
  • Good
  • Mooner
  • 6th of September 2008
  • Title: - The Battle Of Bristow 2006 - ~ A Hoarders Inc. Production ~ Bristow Virginia Set 1 is from Hoarders Inc. and the begining of Set 2 for approximately 1 minute .Then there is a patch of my source w/ Marooned's. This, being unique, as it has never seen the light of day until now .. Thanks goes out to Marooned for his kindness for letting me use most of Disc 2 of his source to complete mine. the (Owner) of - The Echoes of Time - Hub Art-Work - By - Moonwall !!! Great thanks to her, for her kindness and skill in helping me make these boots more enjoyable for all , by making such cool arte as whats on this boot and my other boot .. "So I Thought Yo..Might Like To..Go The Show " RW 2006-09-23 Set 1 only. She also has done fine art work for many other boots out there! I did a new mastering of my 1st Set and downsized the original source of 24/48 to 16/41. And after my source runs-out , the other souce is patched together to make the show complete .The patching went well,but I don't have the right to alter his in any fashion .So , It's a smooth patching , no pop or click on the cut and no needed for transition. But you can hear the change in source @ approximately 1 min.into Set II. This Project enables for this unheard, Set 2 begining of my source, to become established .Hope you enjoy ! The Now Complete Bristow Va. 2006-09-23 Show w/ Roger Waters ! ! ! I used to make my recording .. Micro Track 24/96 w/ Cardioid Microphones>PC>down sampled from 24/48 to 16/44.1>WavePad>Eq.ed & Mastered> CDWave(tracking)> Flac frontend (level 8, Aligned on Sector Boundaries) checked>and tested with TLH. Marooned's rig you have from his recording .. Roger Waters: A Pig Rising On The Fall Equinox (MCD036) CTR122 Analog Recorder -> Sony High Bias 120 Masters -> NEC AUK-8000E Deck -> Total Recorder 4.5 -> SB Live 24Bit -> Wav -> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 -> Wav -> Flac Here's To All The Pink Floyd Hubs and other free trading venues ! ( You Know Who You Are ) And a Great Thanks to our friend TJ, who is kind enough to us all,.. for creating and hosting this Great site, that has come to be known as Where he hosts all these great shows,that we have all come to know & enjoy ! And to all of you crazy diamonds out there! Remember ..Please.. Try to Stay as Pink as Possible ! Roger Waters : Set 1: 1.In The Flesh 2.Mother 3.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 4.Shine On You Crazy Diamond 5.Have a Cigar 6.Wish You Were Here 7.Southhampton Dock 8.Fletcher Memorial Home 9.Perfect Sence 1&2 10.Leaving Beirut 11.Sheep Set 2: 01. Breathe 02. On The Run 03. Time - Breathe Reprise 04. Great Gig In The Sky 05. Money 06. Us & Them 07. Any Colour You Like 08. Brain Damage / Eclipse / Band Intros 09. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 10. Vera - Bring The Boys Back Home 11. Comfortably Numb Please : Do Not Transpose to Lossy format and Trade. Do Not Transpose to Lossy and back to Lossless. Do Not Muck w/ it by any means form or fashion . Ciao 4 now, Theyodaddy aka Hoarders Inc. e6ccc4e2fd719ca742ff39f6d499655a *Disc I.ffp f659f15384f79ef34554cef221f3259c *TBOB-d-1-t-1.flac cb9205532f93cc190e9e23ea71f8c083 *TBOB-d-1-t-10.flac cd09af2bff589819e5dfa451bc274ed2 *TBOB-d-1-t-11.flac 9977ad776f7c7222ae68734b429a5646 *TBOB-d-1-t-2.flac 8d397e9bc5c2056d5d0a3122eb7cf0da *TBOB-d-1-t-3.flac e21ba249ed248475381834eee17291de *TBOB-d-1-t-4.flac d377745caba13d5a9e584ea94da4500d *TBOB-d-1-t-5.flac 78490eed439b59129c70bc3f37a1bf5e *TBOB-d-1-t-6.flac f7aab111f0e8cf0ea0eed06e36936910 *TBOB-d-1-t-7.flac 0a49d3705dd1c640ac2e083c46cb48c5 *TBOB-d-1-t-8.flac be3a811ae37376896c9d7021b2247199 *TBOB-d-1-t-9.flac 6d92fd60349f80efb9c173a25a511463 *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr01.flac 7508d6bde775b6cab93ea2e7e0a6b8cc *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr02.flac 8ed14250ab14bb52142bbec4a9030b17 *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr03.flac 77e27025f60b832bd446ae625c619189 *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr04.flac 90acd8b179d685c780e0c9d260e0249e *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr05.flac d993f4f01ab0f44718b1e07d0edb4da0 *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr06.flac f0044b7fe886661e4150f80768caccee *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr07.flac 0d5b9c2b93f976909538a8fc0fcd426b *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr08.flac 4882d4144575fb7abf2953f78a500d6e *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr09.flac 92b74af49b44fd35bf9fb82100589268 *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr10.flac 6632fde60ddd632f154b349d9286534f *2006-09-23-RW_Master_Msound_d2_tr11.flac 8d307c1897c2a9c8f45f2f2bab63064b *Disc II.ffp