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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer
  • 1978-01-24
  • Untitled
  • Indiana State University,
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Terre Haute
  • IN
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Fair
  • davebowman
  • 2019-12-05 10:54:09
  • Some parts of this show sound very, very good and other parts not so much. Overall, it's almost decent, about a VG rating. - sample included. Disclaimer: I am sharing ELP shows here on TDD that I have not seen shared before. All of these ELP shows were obtained well over 15 years in snail mail trades. I welcome any and all upgrades that some of you may have. I am not a completist collector by any means, but rather one who is looking for decent sound quality recordings to enjoy for many years to come. Hopefully, some of these recordings that I am posting are new and welcome to some of you. **** 16 bit / 44 kz ****** (CD Version) Emerson, Lake and Palmer January 24, 1978 (1978-01-24) Hulman Civic Center Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana USA Keith Emerson - Keyboard and Synthesizer Wizardry Greg Lake - 'The Voice', bass, guitars Carl Palmer - Percussion Extraordinaire 01) [04:07] Introduction > Peter Gunn 02) [04:08] Hoedown 03) [16:49] Tarkus 04) [12:21] Take a Pebble > Piano Concerto > Maple Leaf Rag > Take a Pebble (end) 05) [04:28] C'est La Vie 06) [03:02] Lucky Man 07) [14:54] Pictures at an Exhibition 08) [04:11] Tiger in a Spotlight 09) [04:07] Watching Over You 10) [12:37] Tank > Enemy God 11) [04:20] Nutrocker 12) [14:14] Pirates > applause 13) [11:52] Fanfare for the Common Man > Rondo 14) [02:07] Show Me the Way To Go Home // cut Total [1:53:17] Lineage: ? > cassette trade circa 1992 Transfer: Sony TC-WE475 > M-Audio Microtrack II (24/96) > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you ! whotrader-0412-elp-78-01-24-44 cdc3dbaaaa7354c74c003e55f5556358 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t01 Peter Gunn.flac 22a7038fbc1e8441d90595ac0f819b42 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t02 Hoedown.flac f3d163959bafc22e1ef0d9b95865140a *elp 1978-01-24-16b t03 Tarkus.flac 0b5495b1a0a3c903eb4f3ecc91364c0f *elp 1978-01-24-16b t04 Take a Pebble.flac 4ade82d07aca245fbd2c80fb3a4f58f4 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t05 C'est La Vie.flac 72e73e82dbd545fdb74541dfba26e215 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t06 Lucky Man.flac 886c5f6ea2467cfbc7080d98f76e19eb *elp 1978-01-24-16b t07 Pictures at an Exhibition.flac 94191efe28f9773fc8baa9924f6d6dc0 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t08 Tiger In a Spotlight.flac 6e3597732f50d9b832343dc55107ea66 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t09 Watching Over You.flac 2837323a98cd67c13effcb69a18013ac *elp 1978-01-24-16b t10 Tank - Enemy God.flac ea037ced94b6c00ee20ec6c5874b0234 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t11 Nutrocker.flac ac7652f257ca92b3edd465bca8f33667 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t12 Pirates.flac af3c8b5c941b16dedb6b8b8d2620a2c3 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t13 Fanfare for the Common Man.flac 73595d034b626267810872f469acaec6 *elp 1978-01-24-16b t14 Show Me the Way To Go Home.flac elp 1978-01-24-16b t01 Peter Gunn.flac:51cb91ebdc6988df85c0765a11a8cfae elp 1978-01-24-16b t02 Hoedown.flac:24bbad4f1983a214367f8f45ed63ca9c elp 1978-01-24-16b t03 Tarkus.flac:d906bf048c41aba06c7d60acf66fb05f elp 1978-01-24-16b t04 Take a Pebble.flac:785590bd813a1bb33d8a6fbdd0efc77a elp 1978-01-24-16b t05 C'est La Vie.flac:5085a7b100078e5279ff63fd23d77cbf elp 1978-01-24-16b t06 Lucky Man.flac:bbeac58527e5c4c9c93e82b670bbb73a elp 1978-01-24-16b t07 Pictures at an Exhibition.flac:8bf6759a015eadfa81e23c7aa323cd51 elp 1978-01-24-16b t08 Tiger In a Spotlight.flac:cbeef53d518c60d7a4907a2d2a2b302d elp 1978-01-24-16b t09 Watching Over You.flac:a066c1ea434d325684f799ccb0f6be91 elp 1978-01-24-16b t10 Tank - Enemy God.flac:4903ff5d6ad3687084f93177eb82824e elp 1978-01-24-16b t11 Nutrocker.flac:c4864a2625c72737768adb0b7bc21527 elp 1978-01-24-16b t12 Pirates.flac:6e93d5f64b6cb13dd6cbc0aeaf120744 elp 1978-01-24-16b t13 Fanfare for the Common Man.flac:0697cb80c2aaea7825a8133cad40b3ac elp 1978-01-24-16b t14 Show Me the Way To Go Home.flac:37e1e02f3d37ee415ba2f2586b880598