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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • GTR
  • 1986-06-24
  • Untitled
  • Orpheum Theater
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Boston
  • MA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2019-12-06 11:50:33
  • GTR- Movin' On Home Max Bacon- lead vocals Steve Hackett- guitar Steve Howe- guitar Matt Clifford- keyboards Phil Spalding- bass Jonathan Mover- drums Orpheum Theater Boston, Mass. U.S.A. June 24, 1986 filename: gtr62486flac16 performance quality: B+ recording quality: B+ source: (acoustic set): 1st gen aud. tape (group set): master aud. tape runtime: acoustic solos & duets set: 39:47 full group set: 86:35 lineage: (group set): Realistic mini-mikes > Sony WMD-6 dolby off > Maxell XLII-S cassette > soundforge 4.5 (to WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrent. acoustic set: master and my copy both Maxell XLII (trade), rest of lineage is same as the group set from there. This is a Glasnost Radio Productions certified gapless/clipless/pegless and glitchless torrent, and a You Are There Production. (that's a good thing!) setlist: (acoustic solos and duets set) 1: Hackett solo song 2: time lapse at Milton Keynes 3: Hackett untitled song 4: Hackett solo 5: Steve Howe introduction & mood for a day 6: a song for virgil howe 7: ? 8: a song by Chet Atkins 9: the clap 10: from a place where time runs slow :intermission: (group set) 11: jekyll and hyde 12: here I wait 13: prizefighters 14: stop, look and listen 15: hackett to bits 16: spectral mornings 17: in that quiet earth > I know what I like 18: tow the line 19: sketches in the sun 20: pennants 21: roundabout 22: the hunter 23: band introductions 24: reach out (never say no) 25: imagining 26: encore: when the heart rules the mind comments: This is I believe to be a complete recording (except the verbal introduction of track 19 at flip of tape in the group set. No music is missing at all from the opening to the encore) of GTR at the Orpheum in Boston, one of the better shows and recordings I saw in the 80's. Drummer Jonathan Mover is from Peabody, Mass. (as announced in the show) and without even knowing who wrote what songs on their album, I had a chance to tell him my favorite song in this whole show was the last one before the encore- which happens to be the only one he wrote, so he was glad to hear that. Glad enough to trade me what would later be released as the KBFH disc from Los Angeles, Ca. I bought that anyway, since the recording was a sbd it sounded nice, and I was surprised how good this one sounds. I must have had a good seat for the group set, and so too for my friend who recorded the opening acoustic set. Not much crowdnoise. The officially released show in LA is a good one too but I think this was a little better. This also has some songs not included in that disc ( tow the line, stop look and listen, and all the acoustic set) A solid performance throughout, I thought, highlights included the Hunter (very tight), Hackett to Bits, Imagining, Spectral Mornings and the group opener, Jekyll & Hyde. Their encore, and I believe the only pop hit this very poppy sounding (at times) band ever had, When the Heart rules the Mind sounded good. The recording of all is nice quality, there is some mixing weirdness in the 1st couple of group songs but not alot and nothing real major. The 1st gen part may actually sound slightly better than some of the group part because I think it had better mikes. The Realistics did quite well, one of the best I've gotten out of them in a theater show. This concert has never been put to digital form before, the tape has rarely been played and still sounds like I recorded it last week. The crowd at this show did not make alot of noise at all, I only had to do a little ICPVR (individual clap peak volume reduction), mostly at the beginning of the 1st song. If you like either Howe or Hackett, even in perhaps their most bubble-gummy setting, there is alot of nice music here, the vocals and instruments come through like this is a You Are There Production, because that's exactly where you feel when you hear this. This thing is nice enough to maybe make you like GTR if you (like I) prefer to hear both Steves in a different setting. I did not expect this to be a real good show at all, but was pleasantly surprised after seeing it. For the most part, the sound at the show was quite good. It didn't take long to get it together, and the band sounded very together throughout. This torrent has had no noise reduction or equalization. I don't think it needs any either but I leave that up to you. If burning to CD, the last 2 electric songs will easily fit with the acoustic set (I hate wasting discs). The only fadeins are at the beginning of each set and the only fadeouts are at the end of the sets so if you record this to DAT there will be no overlap or gap. DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING. Trade freely and losslessly!