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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Marillion
  • 1981-11-21
  • Kellys Hero's
  • Elgiva Hall
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Chesham
  • N/A
  • England
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Fair
  • davebowman
  • 2020-01-06 09:45:38
  • Marillion Elgiva Hall Chesham, England 21 Mov 1981 Title: Kelly's Heroes Source: Audience Lineage: Unk -> Trade cassette(unk) -> DC Millennium -> SoundForce 7.0 -> CD Wav -> shntool -> Flac Taped by: ? Transferred by: FriedEgg File Size: 323MB Setlist: 1. intro 2. Garden Party 3. Forgotten Sons 4. Charting the Single 5. He Knows, You Know 6. Grendel 7. intro 8. The Web 9. intro 10. Margaret 11. Garden Party (again) Band: Vocals: Fish Guitars: Steve Rothery Keyboards: Brian Jelliman Bass: Diz Minnitt Drums: Mick Pointer FLAC Fingerprints: mar1981-11-21t05.flac:fdd6d98b64f95089770c3c91f9917cd6 mar1981-11-21t02.flac:ba1887f4bc496dfb86591b2016611b31 mar1981-11-21t03.flac:9a345576fc9388c3b646270a36b2ef2a mar1981-11-21t04.flac:14f59b155b775309722cd1ba8cd3fb11 mar1981-11-21t01.flac:f52551298c953d24671aada886c92114 mar1981-11-21t06.flac:f999c79308b3ef6c25eae9fe7eaaf6b7 mar1981-11-21t07.flac:17c1a4ca77846caa7013b5131670c857 mar1981-11-21t08.flac:6d1fa1b2e036634bb1a1f6e9f40e78d5 mar1981-11-21t09.flac:707ab1fdc948556d7c052af048225797 mar1981-11-21t10.flac:17f43e73a43a4fb929e5018f93d3ba64 mar1981-11-21t11.flac:b2d141fac10738ce201aced4976ba4e7 Notes: This is the last gig that Brian Jelliman played with Marillion before Mark Kelly joined. Mark Kelly is said to have been at this gig and agreed to join the band afterwards: "This was the day of the Marillion show, which Mark Kelly was invited to see, to make up his mind whether to leave Romford and Chemical Alice in favour of Aylesbury and Marillion. As Mick Pointer confirms, Mark Kelly accepted the job with Marillion right away: "We organised a secret meeting with Mark Kelly, and he had to make his way all the way across London. I think we organised the meeting somewhere in a hall in Chesham. I remember picking him up from Chesham station, he came with his girlfriend. I remember picking him up and giving him the gig there and then. I remember doing all the driving, cause I was the only person with a car. It was my car, I was the only one with a working car at that time." (Claus Nygaard, Private interview with Mark Kelly). With Mark agreeing to take over from Brian Jelliman, this turned out to be Brian's last gig with Marillion. Mark Kelly: "He knew something was wrong as soon as he saw me at Chesham. He recognised me and knew that something was going on. I was trying to keep out of the way, cause they had said: "Come and join the band, we're going to sack Brian", or Fish was saying all this. I'm like: "Well, I don't know, really, because I'm at college", and he's going: "Oh, you gonna have to move to Aylesbury". I'm thinking: "Great, I'd love to play in the band, but I don't know if I can quit college just like that". So I said: "Well, I'll think about it", and he said: "Well, come and see us play again to help make your mind up". So I did, and as soon as Brian saw me, I think he just knew why I was there. And after the show I went back to Fish's house, where him and Guy, who was the driver and did the lights and stuff, were living. We just stayed up all night listening to music and talking, and then the next morning Fish called everybody and got them round to the house, and said: "Right, we're gonna go and sack Brian". Cause by then I had agreed to join, and they all just went off to Brian's house and sacked him. This was a typical carry on, the way Fish behaved in those days... I think Fish really enjoyed doing that sort of thing." (Claus Nygaard, Private interview with Mark Kelly). The last set Brian Jelliman played was indeed special as it both opened and closed with "Garden Party", which was added as an impromptu encore. In between came "Forgotten Sons", "Charting the Single", "He Knows You Know", "Grendel", "The Web" and "Margaret". Brian Jelliman was then sacked just prior to Steve's 22nd birthday on 25th November, and I wonder if they were both invited to attend the party? Anyhow, Brian Jelliman left the band, but did't bring with him the famous Mellotron, which survived yet another change in the line-up. Mark Kelly: "Well that Mellotron, it's a shame we sold it really, I inhereted Brian's old Mellotron, cause the band owned it really. Brian had an Oberheim OBA and a CAP synthesizer, and I had a Farfisa Organ and a Yamaha synthesizer like a lead synth, and the Mellotron belonged to Marillion, so when Brian went he took his keyboards but left the Mellotron. I remember it must have gone wrong or died or something cause we ended up bying another one in the early days, which was quite a nice one, which we then sold once we got the deal with EMI and we had some money to get some new gear, we got rid of the old Mellotron, which is a shame." (Claus Nygaard, Private interview with Mark Kelly)." Source: Photos from: I received this cassette from a pal in Aylesbury. I've cleaned up a bit of the tape hiss, faded in and out, but nothing else. As I'm ignorant of other transfers of this recording, I've titled this bootleg "Kelly's Heroes". SQ is 6/10 to 7/10 to these ears.