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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Susanna Hoffs
  • 1997-06-04
  • Stonecutter Collection Vol 109
  • unknown venue
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Cleveland
  • OH
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2020-05-13 16:22:31
  • Susanna Hoffs unknown venue Cleveland, Ohio June 04, 1997 Stonecutter Collection Vol 109 Source: unknown mics > DAT > DAT clone Transfer: Sony DTC-ZE700 > Optical Cable > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz) Editing: Soundforge > WAV > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 8 Traders Den 2/29/16 kingrue upload 719 ================================================================= I searched trying to figure out which small venue this could have been from. No luck in finding that and I know it wasn't the HOB. It seems that old tour info from 1997 is hard to come by. Any ideas ? This seems like a somewhat rare audience recording that might be new for many of you. The quality is pretty good, not as good as the MaCabes show I posted yesterday. But still a very enjoyable recording. One cool moment during the show is when the guitarist, out of the blue starts into the main riff for Led Zeppelin's 'The Ocean'. That caught me off guard and made me smile and shake my head. Too bad Susanna does join in and give it a try. That would have been really cool to hear. So take is sweet little recording home with you and enjoy it. And a big thanks to Rich for collecting this and sending it over my way to get it out to you folks. samples provided 01 All I Want 02 Manic Monday 03 Enormous Wings 04 September Gurls 05 Falling 06 The Ocean 07 King Of Tragedy 08 If She Knew What She Wants 09 Eyes Of A Baby 10 Beekeeper's Blues 11 A Hazy Shade Of Winter 12 Hero Takes A Fall 13 Walk Like An Egyptian 14 Weak With Love 15 Eternal Flame 16 To Sir With Love Total Time = 64:51 min enjoy George ================================== ffp: 01 All I Want.flac:7da2573e9e637f533cb2ea1f7aa55f27 02 Manic Monday.flac:60fe34fc5fd57135ac03ebf254bf8d9c 03 Enormous Wings.flac:46e2588b500f41c93c0480a9c1a8ddec 04 September Gurls.flac:309458f8b4723d9e3bfc36817cd2d9c7 05 Falling.flac:ffe3d85b6d789e89e831a27e191c446d 06 The Ocean.flac:e4b2e8e53fc86f4aa20123fcb128a393 07 King Of Tragedy.flac:d95789642a003161c7220872803df48b 08 If She Knew What She Wants.flac:85eb3ea51e66c3d61aeb9f86caa3b14f 09 Eyes Of A Baby.flac:62995406a90a68c56bc47504795a41ec 10 Beekeeper's Blues.flac:78b37b7fe7f3a65aa1021d0e92010be1 11 A Hazy Shade Of Winter.flac:cc513cfeb21487ad754902c1b9742d48 12 Hero Takes A Fall.flac:b9aedb8c7f33e567f5a43efbc574489c 13 Walk Like An Egyptian.flac:897aca75d129908dbed4db412f3b7407 14 Weak With Love.flac:4a95102560a3a1da1934ce7b3a6102f3 15 Eternal Flame.flac:1e555af77d23000b72f71360942c2b36 16 To Sir With Love.flac:7b2fc4366c174a6a84354d2fec5c8bdd Checksum file saved to disk. No errors occured.