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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Ghost
  • 2013-05-18
  • A Ghoulish Gathering
  • Mr. Smalls Theatre
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Pittsburgh
  • PA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2020-05-28 10:33:16
  • >>>THIS RECORDING IS NOT FOR SALE<<< >>> PLEASE KEEP LOSSLESS <<< >>>DON'T POST THIS ANYWHERE ELSE!<<< Ghost 2013-05-18 (Saturday, May 18th, 2013) Mr. Smalls Theatre Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA "A Ghoulish Gathering" Haze Over North America Tour 24 bit 48 kHz recording by Hybrid196, remastered May 2020 Tascam-DR05 > Audacity > TLH > foobar2000 > DIME > YOU 01 Intro 02 Masked Ball 03 Infestissumam 04 Per Aspera ad Inferi 05 Con Clavi Con Dio 06 Prime Mover 07 Elizabeth 08 Secular Haze 09 Body and Blood 10 Stand by Him 11 Death Knell 12 Satan Prayer 13 Genesis 14 Year Zero 15 Ritual 16 *Encore Break* 17 Ghuleh / Zombie Queen 18 Monstrance Clock Length: 1 Hour 28 Minutes 32 Seconds Notes - An amazing sold out show at Mr. Smalls Theatre which hold 800+. The actual address is Millvale, but Pittsburgh is mentioned throughout the show. - From what I can remember, I had a cup of coffee or three before leaving for the show so I was waaayyy wired before the show. (I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago...) - I ride with a friend up to the venue. We navigate some detours on the way there but still arrive early to a line already around the building to get in. - After some time we finally make our way into the venue. I buy a t-shirt. See included pics. - We decide to stand in front of the soundboard rather than behind it after checking out the view from both locations. - Ides of Gemini opens the show. I did not record them but I wish I had. Although the crowd was mostly there to see Ghost, they seemed into the short set to kick things off. - Based on other setlists from the same tour "The Vessel & The Stake", "Starless Midnight", and "One to Oneness" were most likely played. - Haunting would be a good word to describe the atmosphere as they set the mood perfectly in the lead up to Ghost. - One of Ghost's crew appears on stage and lights two sticks of incense and tapes one on either side of the stage. - Various intro music plays. The sold out crowd is 100% into it and starts a "ghost!-Ghost!-GHOST!" chant right before the Masked Ball intro. - The Nameless Ghouls kick off the evening with a rocking "Infestissumam" before the crowd erupts when Papa Emeritus makes his entrance during "Per Aspera ad Inferi". - The show progresses nicely with a solid setlist and some highlights throughout the show: - Before "Stand by Him", Papa almost breaks character and laughs. "So...", "Yes, Papa!?", "hmmph..." *crowd laughter*, "Let's get some claps together." *crowd claps* - Before "Year Zero" a member of the crowd starts saying the intro lyrics to the song then gets startled when the song intro actually plays. - The member of the crowd that suggests Ghost "play every song twice!" - Papa tells the crowd: "In many ways... this is sort of our last night on the tour." - The Haze Over North America Tour would conclude on 2013-05-19 with a short six song set at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH, USA. - The sold out crowd does an excellent job of participating throughout the show whether it be clapping along or singing when asked. - As the show comes to an end, the lights are turned on and people slowly make their way towards the exit, post concert high still raging. - Out by the merch table, Ides of Gemini is taking pictures with a few fans. - A very successful show and one that would solidify Ghost as a must see live act. - Many thanks to those who took some of the included pictures! - Please don't post this anywhere else or try to sell it. - Never for sale, always for fans. - Turn it up and ENJOY! Editing And Recording Notes - This newly remastered version contains additional intro music and better sound. - The previous release had no EQ, Limiter, or Compressor applied. - Recorded about 15 feet in front of the soundboard and about 30 or 40 feet from the stage. - Close to the center of the venue but slightly more towards the right. - Tascam DR-05 > Low Cut ON @ 120 Hz, Limiter ON - Audacity > EQ: 100Hz(-10dB), 125Hz(-4dB), 250Hz(-10dB), 315Hz(-4dB), 400Hz(-4dB) - Audacity > EQ: 800Hz(+2dB), 1.25kHz(+2dB), 1.6kHz(+2dB), 2kHz(+2dB), 4kHz(+2dB) - Audacity > EQ: 10kHz(+2dB) - Audacity > Limiter: Hard Limit: -6dB (for a few instances of loud crowd noise) - Audacity > Compressor: T: -25 dB, NF: -25 dB, R: 4:1, AT: 1 sec, RT: 7 sec, CBOP: checked - Audacity > Limiter: Hard Limit: -1dB - Audacity > Normalize: NMA: -1.2dB - Audacity > fade in and fade out, track split using a label track, tracks exported to 24 bit WAV files - TLH > WAV files encoded to FLAC (level 8), tested FLAC files, created and tested FFP and MD5 checksums - foobar2000 > added tags >>>DON'T POST THIS ANYWHERE ELSE!<<< >>> PLEASE KEEP LOSSLESS <<< >>>THIS RECORDING IS NOT FOR SALE<<< 01 Intro.flac:3702053c9e5ad0a8575cf429155358c2 02 Masked Ball.flac:165145090f19dc79601c048540629693 03 Infestissumam.flac:c960ff3290e470ea9baa1a6082c665ad 04 Per Aspera ad Inferi.flac:08967164640af47134ba747ecc37ef1f 05 Con Clavi Con Dio.flac:549de31c73da95f3d98132ff1c2c2945 06 Prime Mover.flac:68e410b9b7483bf7bba95c4800d522b6 07 Elizabeth.flac:71b7d3d2a1898a72e17186f7fbb91a37 08 Secular Haze.flac:0c32e4327c31fb9d3be3f2075daa140f 09 Body and Blood.flac:f6bcfb52569713ffcca352264c435ac8 10 Stand by Him.flac:6c9f36a3e38e95e1528dc82610ac62e8 11 Death Knell.flac:e27c700c010c5c7fd8f6a2fa17607251 12 Satan Prayer.flac:fe1fe66c3374538463b4edf4c296e077 13 Genesis.flac:43c8f970df55c85c2b0338933a762335 14 Year Zero.flac:6719cb124175e67fb5bab5e25b330cec 15 Ritual.flac:a3cea9e95bc49a1da45427586eebb131 16 Encore Break.flac:c021fc30b81b9446246d1c8520d28df8 17 Ghuleh Zombie Queen.flac:403a1ee527edc5ac580dcf4ed79c331a 18 Monstrance Clock.flac:a6f532b3ad37f60489f02129dbdec3e4 f237e6ce9c074911c70e4da5218c3499 *01flyer.jpg aa99b2cd13eaf538d61eb253a401fbbb *02ticket.JPG e3f991e1fd432ebdb49583397f13e870 *03ghostfb.png 29b76531006afe5babbe7ccd4eb6d88d *04venue1.jpg 645cee422d26b244e44a5dceacc7249b *05venue2.jpg 7550f6f6f04e209757b2da3eef613f08 *06shirtf1.jpg 80565e9cd9642b23090c20e1e93a280d *07shirtf2.jpg 1836e2cf7d19acf0ab72b2c132e0f6f4 *08shirtb1.jpg adeaab82ac429dcae469d4c6eb80494d *09shirtb2.jpg 37ae60f7cb74815f64490979898fdc17 *10shirtb3.jpg 21b1d233c83c90633e1ed467a90c07dd *11band1.jpg c18b141216bd95ec19d16d0fcc0f0d4a *12band2.jpg Upload Notes - Uploaded to dimeadozen on 2020-05-18 by Hybrid196