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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Dead and Company
  • 2015-07-04
  • Fare Thee Well 4 of 5
  • Soldier Field
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Chicago
  • IL
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • Matrix
  • Good
  • davebowman
  • 2020-07-04 09:28:42
  • Grateful Dead Fare The Well (4 of 5) Soldier Field Chicago, IL July 04, 2015 SBD + AUD Matrix Mix (65%-SBD/35%-FOB)- 3 Source Mix Set 1 01 [02:33] Tuning 02 [15:41] Shakedown Street 03 [09:12] Liberty 04 [09:22] Standing on the Moon 05 [04:29] Me & My Uncle 06 [09:30] Tennessee Jed 07 [07:25] Cumberland Blues 08 [11:10] Little Red Rooster 09 [07:37] Friend of the Devil 10 [07:57] Deal Set 2 01 [15:34] Bird Song 02 [10:38] The Golden Road 03 [09:25] Lost Sailor 04 [09:49] St. of Circumstance 05 [11:12] West L.A. Fadeaway 06 [09:19] Foolish Heart 07 [15:51] Drums 08 [06:40] Space 09 [11:54] Stella Blue 10 [07:57] One More Saturday Night Encore: 11 [02:47] Donar Rap 12 [06:44] U.S. Blues Mickey Hart Bill Kreutzmann Phil Lesh Bob Weir with- Trey Anastasio Jeff Chimenti Bruce Hornsby --------------------------------------------------------- Source Info WXRT SBD > WXRT FM > Pioneer TX-9100 > Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS @ 24-bit 48khz > Sound Forge for edits & resampling > flac16 Recorded By: Firebottle SBD > Webstream Video Rip Live Stream AUD Source: Microtech Gefell M-210>Oade M-248>Sound Devices 722>WAV 2448 Transfer: WAV 2448>Wavelab>CD-Wave (24bit)>R8Brain>TLH>FLAC 1644 tagged Recording By: Jon Pasternak, FOB center G.A. Pit, 75-feet from the stage --------------------------------------------------------- Tech Notes FLAC were decoded to wave. Vegas Pro 12 was used to reassemble the tracks back to 1 long wave. Vegas Pro 12 was used to align & synch both of the sources, isolate and remove background noise, expand the dynamics and widen the stereo imaging. This is a matrix mix of 32.5% WXRT, %32.5% Webstream, 35% FOB. - Mixed by - FLAC conversion done 09-August-2015 - Folder Art Included --------------------------------------------------------- Notes Nice sounding broadcast with almost no crowd in the mix. It was more like a straight SBD but with the usual missing info above 16k and minimal dynamic range. All DJ chatter and station ID's have been meticulously removed. These edits are completely inaudible. These are differnt than many of my matrix mix efforts in that quite a bit of DSP has been performed. The FM broadcasted sounded very good. At first I really liked the in-your-face sound but after 20 minutes or so the heavy compression ultimately tired my ears out. Large dynamics are part of a Grateful Dead concert experice and so it was left sounding artifical. The other broadcast was very sterile and flat with no feel for a live experience. Additionally the mix was lacking Bruce and Jeff. The sound processing effort paid huge dividens alone but combining the 2 differnt broadcasts is what really made the differnce. The final result iss a great sounding SBD source that just need some life breathed into it with the FOB. Although the broadcast sources were received at 16/44 it seems likely they were broacast at lower resolutions but obviosuly still in the high quality range. The high end (cymbols) are tight and not brittle. Plus with all the DSP and the mixdown of 3 sources means this will no longer show any signs of suspect compression. This is a great sounding source and will do nicely until the band puts out the multitracks. Enjoy, Dan (aka amdig1) --------------------------------------------------------- Additional Formats This show is available in the following formats: 1. The SBD and the AUD sources listed above. 2. SBD+AUD Matrix Mix at 16/44 CD-Audio 3. DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Surround Sound --------------------------------------------------------- MD5 F2EA3C355712DCBB27FE6A01174D8A34 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t01.flac 8F5E7C6F0FCBF9004C3747DFDBE003D7 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t02.flac F1D7822C8592D80F3C44DF44E5B8A5F8 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t03.flac AE3D61B936CE874C297A264544157F34 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t04.flac 296BD79F44E621F4C4C87EA52E004129 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t05.flac 56C4094A769256978EA8F25961702F3B *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t06.flac 2FE1776638822A0E78B4C5C4E6ACBED0 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t07.flac 986E19B41CA9B0354017838274FBA292 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t08.flac 07AA64770C1DB0796ED0FA99F43F4F8F *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t09.flac 014D826FB5F95231D622A2B2D0280D98 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t10.flac AE094186A9B70BCB38794431BEDC535B *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t01.flac 2287BD2901AE784AFC8151FD2A2601AC *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t02.flac FDD255B94DAAB5CA05E658A7ADE2CCA2 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t03.flac 3B0BFD23660768BBE3D10A904AE9209B *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t04.flac 83E9D9B64EADE2A00124A71CA53C66B9 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t05.flac 57FED7C6049FD09FB214CCAB00305F23 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t06.flac 7263485C5E485D9403FA4FEF8AE80E22 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t07.flac 3926EDF2102FC6EB7A31BF3128C4D9B6 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t08.flac 9026CA0F1E53F44F5BCE76FC8F77B7EA *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t09.flac F31D5FF93235B399A6654FC97D9AAF01 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t10.flac A8DB845748AED17DD61A2530E0DC02B9 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t11.flac E3CC1CDEBE7A1E80C7BAC28FFF2CEAE4 *gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t12.flac --------------------------------------------------------- FFP gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t01.flac:7bcb4eddb0c5c958f2c5eda5bcce228c gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t02.flac:3d1586c82fe774ddc26d92833f318119 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t03.flac:72ac58d2b592636b288f2ecc920c7e9d gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t04.flac:e583eef01a23362609c29c5909019acd gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t05.flac:de5c74e36b4bfd3d0e34a5f65380c6ca gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t06.flac:21051cf2f80dbc018575c41f4abb4368 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t07.flac:d6d9fcecf4e0c0ee57841a695f7498d6 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t08.flac:02b6eafc012b50981ed92b9d34e1bc75 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t09.flac:4096a8a6d39471d8d4274022192d58d6 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s01t10.flac:249ce1aa51b35244ad69ccafb4282054 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t01.flac:526c984aecc45cc4b0d5f033e4a51283 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t02.flac:df28f75014bec6a206067cf0ec82d30f gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t03.flac:615d7bbb0d6724f9c6380e9c6e24679e gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t04.flac:0e3c5f95eca836d333ae2cfeafdef04a gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t05.flac:97acc6c92d79fc44b8eaf784c03482c8 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t06.flac:d143ee6fb40d98ba1caa6846ce75b89e gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t07.flac:d01895b54deac84ce6edb2deed5553f2 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t08.flac:3500bdfbacbe6cf56164aa3a4e53a7af gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t09.flac:3b7b75aa0362fe64ffb063f3f857d145 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t10.flac:2685dedcbac2e3bed8d5cc611c2fa325 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t11.flac:89cf95cd55938a536217a2e9ff1a8350 gd2015-07-04_haugh_mtx_s02t12.flac:d9abff83f1b1449f97b9dac5fb5649a3