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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • GTR
  • 1986-07-21
  • Untitled
  • California Theatre
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • San Diego
  • CA
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Fair
  • davebowman
  • 2020-07-23 11:03:31
  • Here's a dusty, rare show I pulled from the whotrader archives. A full GTR show including the Hackett and Howe warm-up sets. Sound quality is a little less than decent but very listenable. Sample included. **** 44 khz / 16 bit **** (CD Version) GTR July 21, 1986 (1986-07-21) California Theatre San Diego, California USA 01.[01:15] Steve Hackett Introduction 02.[04:24] Traditional Exercise > Blood on the Rooftops 03.[03:27] Calmaria 04.[04:14] Caval Canti 05.[02:50] Horizons > Steve Howe Introduction 06.[03:09] Surface Tension 07.[03:16] Mood For a Day 08.[02:39] Ram 09.[02:56] Second Initial 10.[03:39] Georgia's Theme 11.[03:40] Clap 12.[00:43] GTR Introduction 13.[03:55] From a Place Where Time Runs Slow 14.[06:07] Jekyll and Hyde 15.[05:48] Here I Wait 16.[05:26] Prizefighters 17.[07:16] Imagining 18.[02:30] Hackett To Bits 19.[10:09] Spectral Mornings > I Know What I Like 20.[04:52] Toe the Line 21.[02:57] Sketches in the Sun 22.[05:00] Pennants 23.[09:06] Roundabout 24.[07:00] The Hunter 25.[07:45] You Can Still Get Through 26.[06:15] Reach Out (Never Say No) 27.[06:46] When a Heart Rules the Mind Total 2:07:04 Max Bacon: vocals Steve Hackett: guitars Steve Howe: guitars Jonathan Mover: drums Phil Spalding: bass Lineage: ? > cassette trade circa 1998 Transfer: Sony TC-WE475 > Microtrack II (96/24) > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you ! whotrader-0602-gtr-86-07-21-44 68bb72de88f7a7d5cba0fae84ae3c0e9 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t01.flac f550812a8dfe4fb6a1992fda3a23af92 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t02.flac 7f5548fa1d6b395bccb6775c9a92f95c *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t03.flac 49dcccc4cabe9d325a133e02d02fe4ab *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t04.flac f3b595f60153a08bec53878a48eadb1b *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t05.flac 33e8d6810e31e20828c58cf6e05a27d2 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t06.flac ed843fdcf7aea353c077f484de2c3a28 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t07.flac c2b40bef7c83c44e981be91ab1f4a77c *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t08.flac d98bf84c45f7547544875c0a47cbb248 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t09.flac cfbd99c947af56af20210dd673dc3871 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t10.flac 1323ba036537ca636fa6e3683bbe4610 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t11.flac c6b30c98c4288f0426eb68d9ea3dab21 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t12.flac 0bf0534357136767d07d5049e68576eb *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t13.flac 1cf96ce92e13175f25600ae5d1b95775 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t14.flac d3fae191c63a60e905a23f59d48a71ed *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t15.flac 4d593637a21afe751c7f19d0eb4a3114 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t16.flac 9c505a311e87ba4a739b97294af61a14 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t17.flac b19e7207e647935c00a54fc209303d5d *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t18.flac c5410a132edd7f86e0aef3009d548510 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t19.flac 6d0de71d7735f6d0d51e3e3d8b912d2b *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t20.flac ac495857960ac064ba0997a4df0e27ef *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t21.flac b700d5b3b1bfea5b759532e77f1ba8bf *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t22.flac 9e41f04008a2eb1cca92a2ba428a91cb *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t23.flac 1b9547262fa9c1ce6cc678c65b2afe41 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t24.flac f6ceb82bba7290e98851abf5761494bb *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t25.flac f8a479fee6229bbb9f92aa09214a40cc *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t26.flac 336e01e73db6c66b0b0653cca84e7704 *GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t27.flac GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t01.flac:bc3cd4e8bf32ff0770b181dfd7a21822 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t02.flac:3fd5dfb2ee79f8dfa3971fa03bd79ec5 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t03.flac:ce4516b77eeadf75fcb4c9dcdb63a27d GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t04.flac:8f52e6d2b13d3db4c76664cb6b9502c9 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t05.flac:9942fb60c6534b63701455bfb7ec79b3 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t06.flac:bffbddba55925eb4ca578a428ef3d6ad GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t07.flac:8121f09585f8974a7c895ba198a6946c GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t08.flac:8377020b64f8bdedb7b4124fd5c3c702 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t09.flac:d72bb860d22f046cd5b97b7ade1cb10d GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t10.flac:3dd38ed3d469b6244bb28fb688a882de GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t11.flac:64d4499841e4151011751a861dbabb82 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t12.flac:29f96b96a10da2dceac697ac552a5ad6 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t13.flac:2db439bba562a800186660cdd7b2377b GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t14.flac:0bbd137d0bbb33f896cbaab1fa1c8b1d GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t15.flac:9ddcaad4278b570877ac270ae0880753 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t16.flac:0f29d8154d95a79a3629fa11bd3d5730 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t17.flac:99ad6cc2da3ac37dce43d2e50e5ee77a GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t18.flac:8186f5a739ee77200ee11a9c24e9697c GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t19.flac:b25355d3022a3d5bca9c83ede38f6138 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t20.flac:3b160b25f2e71b916afa9e5f8f824cad GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t21.flac:c6433a3e1068584dff8dd1bcd6ead085 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t22.flac:0755bee8bc0d8fafb888596056919d8c GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t23.flac:129c46350850fdaf10121ea9531b90e0 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t24.flac:c4af8f670becdc73099194ec368f18fb GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t25.flac:54ccf25130a73aabdbc3b6714cd17740 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t26.flac:7f7353c2ef10b216efc4393b15987f14 GTR 1986-07-21-44khz16b t27.flac:daf592f9280355fcb0ca61aa4dbcac52