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  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Dio Disciples
  • 2011-06-08
  • Untitled
  • A2 Club
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Moscow
  • N/A
  • Russia
  • FLAC
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  • Sound Quality
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  • Date Entered
  • Rec 1
  • Very Good
  • Guzatti
  • 2022-11-05 20:20:05
  • Artist: DIO Disciples Date: 8 June 2011 Venue: A2 Club Location: Moscow / Russia Recorded and mixed by Jacob "Rocktrades" Equipment: AT943 cardioid --> CA-9100 (no bass roll-off) --> Sony PCM-M10 (Line-in 24bit/48kHz) Lineage: USB transfer to PC -> Adobe Audition v.3.0 (slight EQ applied, volume raised, dithering to 16bit/44kHz) -> CDWave for track splits -> Flac Frontend (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries) DIO Disciples: Tim "Ripper" Owens - Lead vocals Toby Jepson - Lead vocals Craig Goldy - Guitar James Lomenzo - Bass Simon Wright - Drums Scott Warren - Keyboards 01. Introduction 02. Stand Up And Shout [vocals: Owens] 03. Holy Diver [vocals: Owens] 04. Don't Talk To Strangers [vocals: Owens] 05. Egypt (The Chains Are On) [vocals: Jepson] 06. King Of Rock And Roll [vocals: Jepson] 07. Catch The Rainbow [vocals: Jepson] 08. Stargazer [vocals: Owens & Jepson] 09. Neon Knights [vocals: Owens] 10. Straight Through The Heart [vocals: Owens & Jepson] 11. Children Of The Sea [vocals: Owens & Jepson] 12. Killing The Dragon [vocals: Jepson] 13. Band members introduction 14. The Last In Line [vocals: Owens & Jepson] 15. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [vocals: Jepson] 16. Man On The Silver Mountain [vocals: Owens] 17. Heaven And Hell [vocals: Owens & Jepson] - Encore - 18. Rainbow In The Dark [vocals: Owens] 19. We Rock [vocals: Owens & Jepson] Total running time: 1h35 Uploaded on Dime by Jacob "Rocktrades" on 9 June 2011. ***Please do not convert the show to lossy formats*** **Include the original info file when trading online** ______________________________________________________ ; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper ; generated on June 9, 2011, at 14:08:49 e2a15638428ad5a9784a84edb13e91c3 *DIO Disciples_20110608_01 Introduction.flac b2a2fc3f4bf8eec68a865d96cea6fce6 *DIO Disciples_20110608_02 Stand Up And Shout.flac 8264fc48ce553ffd934dbf482d0a6c49 *DIO Disciples_20110608_03 Holy Diver.flac 8d828b676c20b2addd191f3f1d33716f *DIO Disciples_20110608_04 Don't Talk To Strangers.flac eca7fe15dc94228f023bc2ec2bb2a477 *DIO Disciples_20110608_05 Egypt (The Chains Are On).flac b5bc1166066f5bea37265d3f8705853d *DIO Disciples_20110608_06 King Of Rock And Roll.flac 19a2ac5de40e7951bcab91492c3dd260 *DIO Disciples_20110608_07 Catch The Rainbow.flac 3784346e94877f053af5b615bb96f7a4 *DIO Disciples_20110608_08 Stargazer.flac 624c483c7e674d341f183ac8dbbcceec *DIO Disciples_20110608_09 Neon Knights.flac ab70f5b969c8ed1927098e83cc73ab4f *DIO Disciples_20110608_10 Straight Through The Heart.flac 6bbade829ce2d4665be8910062eb8c3c *DIO Disciples_20110608_11 Children Of The Sea.flac eada4ccc69d63896c9a8e56e474367f6 *DIO Disciples_20110608_12 Killing The Dragon.flac 3076f42ed7d542fb09ed483015866545 *DIO Disciples_20110608_13 Band Introduction.flac ff57a5327d9001e67cac1981fafbecf8 *DIO Disciples_20110608_14 The Last In Line.flac e39643468edd86b47b027f35a0bdf3f0 *DIO Disciples_20110608_15 Long Live Rock n Roll.flac 0a2f238d7421084c1dd30c66f4522913 *DIO Disciples_20110608_16 Man On The Silver Mountain.flac ba18a83b3b6db88f96445fb9ce05baee *DIO Disciples_20110608_17 Heaven And Hell.flac c2e6787574b383636b9216f282b26b9b *DIO Disciples_20110608_18 Rainbow In The Dark.flac 373eb67cd14d80eb7d1884a5b0a2ab88 *DIO Disciples_20110608_19 We Rock.flac