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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2    -    Disc 3    -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Rush
  • 2002-11-10
  • Hands Of Time
  • Verizon Wireless Arena
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Manchester
  • NH
  • USA
  • SHN
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Very Good
  • Cygnals
  • 11th of September 2008
  • Rush Hands of Time November 10, 2002 Verizon Arena Manchester, NH Source: Audience DAT master Disc 1 Three Stooges Tom Sawyer Distant Early Warning New World Man Roll The Bones Earthshine YYZ The Pass Bravado The Big Money Closer to the Heart Freewill Natural Science Disc 2 One Little Victory Driven Ghost Rider Secret Touch Dreamline Red Sector A Leave That Thing Alone Drum Solo Disc 3 Resist 2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx Limelight La Villa Strangiato The Spirit of Radio By-Tor and the Snow Dog Cygnus X-1 Working Man eb494180dc04b91b120fa719257a3d6e *d1Track09.shn 97398a171c701f976572d66b6613c7bd *d1Track10.shn 84a61e3718ec878d383eb0130bbbff58 *d1Track11.shn 75ab7ffe658e07c95e32118370d12506 *d1Track12.shn cc69df2890199a138f2f715a4ce76b7b *d1Track01.shn 43bde3d6481a055146638625f91a3bde *d1Track02.shn df3819f164d5749bd2db86d8fb519435 *d1Track03.shn 59eb6e47d9f2cf2145161275fee285a0 *d1Track04.shn 9bdb4b92c202e35cc160607c8b1f7d8a *d1Track05.shn 0742e90005b1194a5a21223650bf7457 *d1Track06.shn 7103e62eea8bc157eb0db8e04d081290 *d1Track07.shn c47fe38a4911fb64f4da437b2cc3cad8 *d1Track08.shn adb16dd260aaaf38f7104417a5932597 *d2Track07.shn bbc60b51305adad4563fc25b3a82bb25 *d2Track08.shn 47ae31b91836384d4f63d8af752e097d *d2Track09.shn c72f4368bf3fe78acd4aef510da95d8c *d2Track01.shn a01d230688ff1a00e3963593849c3723 *d2Track02.shn b59135f0e3d79ea658fa464eccaa9174 *d2Track03.shn ef62cd582a0a43993c87ac995c86dd2b *d2Track04.shn c0eda51113a6cdc4d736497f2bf8c5d4 *d2Track05.shn b01e7f61f8f4d01abb932fcfbf78593f *d2Track06.shn f6093e017e01e3b5abef5fa1eb4bc43c *d3Track04.shn 0c9cb0b2b6be6a13f8372ae077d5e38d *d3Track05.shn b071c9a0a06e27311d70faf46a770827 *d3Track06.shn 39c8b9593985039f08d2882555939423 *d3Track07.shn cf276162cd6550964498caf75db51a21 *d3Track08.shn 22b0ad5109b9c4868d4d20afd6d82fa1 *d3Track01.shn a4477557b269e298856ecb8c490c55c8 *d3Track02.shn 175eeb4c9c944381a973d9d61efeba6b *d3Track03.shn