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MD5 Record Set:    Disc 1    -    Disc 2    -    Disc 3 -    Disc 4 -    Disc 5 -    Disc 6
  • Band / Artist
  • Concert Date
  • RoIO Title
  • Venue
  • Pink Floyd
  • 1973-06-22
  • Return Of The Yeeshkul(Rev.-1)
  • Memorial Auditorium
  • Town / City
  • State / Prov.
  • Country
  • File Format
  • Buffalo
  • NY
  • USA
  • FLAC
  • Recorder Number
  • Sound Quality
  • Entered By
  • Date Entered
  • unknown
  • Very Good
  • wywh1975
  • 12th of September 2008
  • title: (UNTITLED) BUFFALO 73 -2 discs- Release no info date/venue 1973 June 22 - Memorial Auditorium , Buffalo, NY source audience - gen:? (low) my source CDR(?) > CDR CD1 01 Obscured by Clouds / when you're in 13:08 02 tuning + Set The Controls 14:59 03 tuning + Careful with tha Axe, Eugene 12:43 04 tuning 0:58 05 echoes 24:13 06 Speak To Me / Breathe 7:20 07 On The Run 5:20 tot: 78:44 CD2 01 Time / Breathe (reprise) 7:40 02 The Great Gig in the Sky 6:19 03 Money 7:58 04 Us and Them 8:06 05 Any Colour You Like / Brain Damage 13:30 06 Eclipse 1:30 07 One of These Days 8:34 tot: 53:40 TOT LENGTH: 132:20 original notes: this is the complete recording of Buffalo 73, including all the tunings and audience-reception. here we have indeed pieces of tuning + audience completely missing in the other version (after Careful) where the crowd gotta requesting songs at repetition "Money /Arnold Layne /Point Me At The Sky etc...) Echoes is split, starts > fades out > re-starts again. same happens to The Great Gig In The Sky. On The Run is split too ... fades out at the very end on the first CD and shows up again restarting from the very end on CD2 (I guess who made this version followed exactly the order on the tape). the Yeeshkul-guy is here again! making 'his own alternate show' on the mic during the tunings/applauses ... see also notes for War Memorial. a wonderful performance, audience very warm and excited ... not a great upgrade in sound compared to my previous version, same level of hiss, they sound actually about the same way, but this is my favourite version at now. ::: the guy (likely taper) screams "yeeshkul!": at the end of When You're In (2 times) ; at the end of Echoes ; at the end of Money VGOOD + + --- converted from shn to flac (level 8) by pict --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- revised notes: This is definitely one of my favorite shows for obvious reasons, but specifically for OBC/WYI, I think it rips. For this revision all I did was remove the hundred or so pops and clicks and all the digi noise that made this show an annoyance to listen to, for myself anyway. There was a major dropout of sound in the right channel at about 38:36 lasting till about 43:42 on disc 2. I used the left channel to make up for the loss of sound in the right. I did not use any noise reduction or cut any portions of the show. All revisions were done using adobe audition 1.5 and retracked to the original timings with cd wav. There are no more tics at the track marks now and this show can now be enjoyed the way it was meant to be. Enjoy!!! I correct lineage would now be: cass[2] > CDR[?] > wav > shn > wav > flac > wav > adobe audition 1.5 > cdwav > flac (level 8) re-encoded by floydian_from_buffalo (a.k.a. buffalofloyd) original MD5's: 3b052aaea23a70618c5e37a59e782446 *19730622-b73-d1t01.flac d07dc089a01b106d3d572477c96b03c1 *19730622-b73-d1t02.flac f4637c25277fadb801cec054cc5785bc *19730622-b73-d1t03.flac ba4d67b670de16f6054472664e5aba92 *19730622-b73-d1t04.flac ec76669b0c975587a541130f981a5c58 *19730622-b73-d1t05.flac 9e1aff36e95a7b10977a12a802ec124a *19730622-b73-d1t06.flac 258765decfb77c6a84192400092de2d8 *19730622-b73-d1t07.flac 6db6ee9506f4817553b973cc8afd7337 *19730622-b73-d2t01.flac 6fab97888dfb4f17fb611e1131ed94bb *19730622-b73-d2t02.flac 82ef8352e65d02090ed5b0de2ba41aff *19730622-b73-d2t03.flac d0b3094a5038f464372b9fb185784110 *19730622-b73-d2t04.flac b942388d6e86420508bb636b819ce50c *19730622-b73-d2t05.flac bc7ac1eb5bf726a195e89abb6ddebfee *19730622-b73-d2t06.flac aabf8f27137f54763a528dcd54f0b89f *19730622-b73-d2t07.flac rev.1 MD5's: 01babcee105236b10806c50b7c443fcd *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d1t01.flac 91cfb9a8a08566c0b10bedb25a006b1d *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d1t02.flac 693a0c9ea7fdecb6068050a8b32a68ca *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d1t03.flac 2a4cbb32f52e44c44baba4292b41f731 *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d1t04.flac feddb88a865a37437ef1604a8b72db53 *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d1t05.flac 46138a0d6d13e15b092462e3e13a41a2 *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d1t06.flac b4003901cd4f634b447cc890fa73e77c *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d1t07.flac bafddeded1ac4e3c66116aa15848d44c *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d2t01.flac 546bc5153720ef122858c1b4d1f69f4e *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d2t02.flac 120130b8704e51ceaf30c4390c1c821f *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d2t03.flac e9ae32e14d266b85c88dd02db3a40f14 *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d2t04.flac 7cdb17557fa6f6243d7783ec26650775 *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d2t05.flac 3551750dfca6e9aaff7a02ade7c960d8 *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d2t06.flac eb1c0c9ff80aafaae749f6b888e5bced *73-06-22 Return of the Yeeshkul (rev.1) d2t07.flac